The Best Countries Around the World to Smoke Weed

So where are the best places for getting weird around the world? Not just anywhere—steer clear of smoking or even mentioning weed-related habits when in, say, the UAE, or Singapore.

Don’t worry, though. While there remain countries where cannabis is an absolute no-no, immediate-jail-time situation, there are loads of countries where marijuana has been legalized, decriminalized, or just socially mainstreamed enough that even when you are technically breaking the law, you’re doing it alongside locals doing the same thing. Here are 29 countries where weed is legal, or, if not legal, decriminalized and socially legal-ish.


Should you smoke here? Yes
On October 17, 2018, Canada legalized recreational marijuana in full. The minimum age requirement to buy cannabis from a licensed dispensary varies from 18 years old to 21 years old, amsterdam weed shop online depending on the individual province. Weed, edibles and the like have to be packaged in more subdued ways, but while the government is strict about appearances, it’s totally ok with sending weed via post.

The United States

Should you smoke here? It depends
Surely the most mismatched category of laws state-by-state across this bipolar land of ours are the marijuana statutes. In some you may smoke anywhere cigarettes are allowed without fear; in some, you must have a demonstrated ailment and doctor’s note; in others, carrying so much as a few puffs’ worth of bud can get you thrown into prison. It all depends on which state you’re standing in.

This, at least, we know for sure: The TSA doesn’t give a flying bong rip about you taking small amounts of pot onto an airplane.


Should you smoke here? Most likely
Private, personal use of recreational marijuana in amounts 5 grams or less is decriminalized, meaning no jail time. It’s still illegal—as is cultivation and sale of marijuana—but there’s been renewed momentum towards legalization of late. If you can find it, you’ll likely not be bothered while enjoying it on the less populated part of the beach.


Should you smoke here? Yes
In late 2017, the government of Belize was kind enough to decriminalize cannabis in amounts up to 10 grams. You can smoke it in your home, or someone else’s provided you’ve gotten explicit permission. That includes their sailboat.

Costa Rica

Should you smoke here? You can bet on it
Like with many places on this list, it’s technically illegal to smoke here but doing so carries no legal penalties. Smoking up is super common here, and you can be pretty comfortable smoking out on the beach and so forth, not just in the privacy of your room.


Should you smoke here? Without a doubt
Weed has been decriminalized in Jamaica since 2015, and if you happen to be Rastafarian you can use unlimited quantities with no repercussions. Within minutes of hitting the beach, you can expect countless friendly strangers to approach with offers of local greens.


Should you smoke here? It is decidedly so
Cultivating, selling and transporting large amounts is illegal, but cannabis use is very normalized and possession has been fully decriminalized. Personal use is now a constitutional right, in fact. In 2020, the country legalized cannabis for medical use.


Should you smoke here? Signs point to yes
For almost a decade, Colombia has enjoyed marijuana decriminalization of amounts up to 20 grams. It remains illegal to sell it or grow it, but the country’s wrenching history with the drug trade has given it perspective on how harmful marijuana is compared with other substances.


Should you smoke here? Yes
Ecuador is one of the chiller countries when it comes to marijuana policy. While it’s still illegal to cultivate and sell it, when it comes to personal use, you’re cool—so long as you don’t exceed 10 grams.


Should you smoke here? Signs point to yes
Peru tolerates cannabis so long as you do it discreetly and don’t mess around with any growing or selling. In other words, just enjoy your grass at home (or someone else’s home, so long as they are cool with it).


Should you smoke here? Without a doubt
Weed is fully legal here for anyone 18 and up, as well as small amounts of many other typically controlled substances. People here just have to officially register with the government before they engage in any buying, selling, or growing. As of 2017, you can buy commercial grass from regular ol’ pharmacies. The dream of normalized, legalized weed is alive in Uruguay.


Should you smoke here? You can bet on it
Cambodia is worth visiting for many reasons, one of the biggest among them being the fact that you can go out to a restaurant and know that any dish or menu marked “Happy” means that it’s likely cannabis-infused. Weed is still officially illegal, but it’s culturally accepted, ubiquitous, and cheap.


Should you smoke here? Signs point to yes
Marijuana is illegal in Laos, but like … no one cares. The policy isn’t enforced, and you’ll find “happy” meals, so to speak, the same way you will in Cambodia. We do recommend trying to pick up in a hostel rather than on the street, but you’ll probably be okay.

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