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To chant our Sun worship and meditate Super Mantra Gayatri, it is necessary that we get proper guidance from a Sadguru like Taponishtha Yuga Drishta Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, also known as Maharshi Vishwamitra at this time. Maharshi Vishwamitra locked the Gayatri Super Mantra for some reasons. But Taponishtha Yuga Drishta Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had the secret knowledge to open it and thus made gayatri and sun worship available to almost everyone all over the world. supermodels-bg.blogspot While worshiping Gayatri or Savitri, it is necessary that we meditate on the sun. In a deep state of meditation, the sun’s electromagnetic current enters the area of ​​the braid on the devotee’s scalp. So the energy of Prane in the development of the most advanced feather light obtained, Guest Post divine and bright as the light of the sun. Every Gayatri devotee with Japa should meditate on the sun. When you meditate on the Mother Goddess Gayatri or the Sun God Savita in both states, you should remember them to visualize them in the center of the bright sun (Surya mandal madhyasta), which is the Savita God who gives his devotee radiant divine intelligence. .
So JS Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya said that we should concentrate-meditate on Savita along with performing austerities based on gayatri (Vangmaya 15/2/10). In sun worship / meditation the main steps are Suryarghya, Suryopsthan, Suryanamaskar, Suryasnan, Suryasanidhya, Suryasevan, Suryadarshan, Suryaparikrama etc. So every gayatri worshiper should perform each of these sun worship steps mentioned near a water place like lake, river etc. SURGERY: Every brother and sister around the world should offer a vessel full of water to the sun god as it is a righteous act. But the question arises, why would anyone do this? If we don’t do it right, the overall benefit of offering water in the sun doesn’t add up.
The Electricity Authority sends us a bill of the amount of electricity we use in our home, office, etc. Yet from sunrise to sunset because we use the light, energy, consciousness, etc. of the use of the sun god Savita, the question is how do we pay for it? We are thankful and grateful to the sun god. Therefore, every day early in the morning, with a feeling of gratitude, we offer Arghya or water to the sun saying: O giver of life force! We couldn’t go on without your donations. We will remain indebted to you for the rest of our lives. Please accept our worship and obeisance so that we may be holy, powerful and energetic with your blessings. After collecting pure water (with added flowers and fragrant sandalwood paste) in a copper vessel with deep faith and devotion to the Sun God in the sky before sunrise, this Arghya should be offered. (Suryarghya mantra is given below). Take a spoonful of water from a copper vessel, pour this water on both palms, place both palms towards the sun, chant Super Mantra Gayatri and Surya Mantra 5 times each, rub both palms. Then rub your face, heart, scalp, ears with these palms while the palms are still wet. Water affected by the sun’s rays is called Soma Rasa or immortal nectar / Amrit.
Troch sa matinahuron nga paghigop niini ang atong mga sakit naayo ug kita nabessa sa taas nga sakit nga tebuhan. SUPER MANTRA GAYATRI: Óm bhurbhuvaha swaha tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo yon aha prachodayat. SURYA MANTRA: om bhaskaraya vidmahe divakaraya dheemahi tannaha suryaha prachodayat SURYARGHYA MANTRA: Suryadeva sahasransho tejo rashey jagatpate. Anukampya mam bhaktyam grihan arghyam divakar. Om suryaya namaha. Aditya fainted. Bhaskaraya disappeared At dawn and at noon, Arghya may be offered with water (which may fall into river, lake water, etc.), but Arghya water offered at sunset should only fall on the ground. In the morning this stream of Arghya water should flow 3 times during the day and by chanting the mantra ‘Om suryaya namaha. Om bhaskaraya namaha. Om adityaya namaha’ offering Suryarghya. Suryopsthan: At dawn before sunrise, bend your arms at the elbows and place both palms towards the shining sun in the sky. Suropsthan of Lord Aditya is made. Presenting oneself before the rising sun god and performing in his court is called Suropsthan. By performing Suropsthan, the devotee attains the security given by proximity to the Sun God. Those who do not know Suropsthan Mantra can perform Suropsthan by chanting Super Mantra Gayatri. SUROPSTHAN MANTRA: Om udutyam devam vahanti ketavaha. Dashe vishwaya suryam. Om chitram devanamudgadneekam chakshurtrisya varunsyagneha. Apra dyavaprithivi antariksha. Om surya atma jagatastasthushashcha. ………………… Yajurveda (7/41/41) SURYANAMASKAR: Suryanamaskar příkop dien wurde, while nagbarog o sumala sa kasayon​​​​​​ SURYA SNAN-SURYA SANNIDHYA-SURYA SEVAN-SURYADARSHAN: After sitting facing east by doing Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting for 1 hour without a break, the benefit of Suryasnan and Suryasannidhya can be achieved quite easily. Due to this the devotees undoubtedly attain brightness of personality, strength and long healthy life.
Staring at the sun with your eyes open, slowly close your eyes and then meditate on the bright sun. After offering Suryarghya, we naturally do Suryadarshan without any further effort. Various demands of human consciousness can be fulfilled by performing suryasadhana or solar spiritual practices. SURYA PARIKRAMA: Facing the east in the place where you do spiritual work, while meditating on the bright sun, either with the mantra mentioned below or the Gayatri super mantra to Surya Parikrama or circumambulating the sun. After completing the orbit of the sun, the planet earth attains all the gifts of the sun. As after the devotee, circumambulation of the sun achieves special benefits like mastery of various Ridhi-Sidhi or Divine Powers. According to the Harihar Bhashya text (commentary), one should complete only 1 circumambulation.
In other texts, it is mentioned that wherever there is an image of the sun, a 2-fold or 7-fold circumambulation or Parikrama should be performed. Mao nga kung nagtindo ka sabena sa lang sa langit 1 Parikrama ra ang tepedi haiwana. PARIRAMA MANTRA: Om vishwatashchakshuruta vishwatomukho vishwatobahuruta vishwataspat. Sambahubhyamdhamatisampatriairdyava bhumi janayanadeva ekaha. Yani kani cha papani jnatajnat kritani cha. Tani sarvani nashyanti pradakshinayam padey padey. on SURYAVEDHAN PRANAYAM:
In the furnace used by the iron, burning coals are placed burning in normal air. But when air is blown into this furnace by means of a blower, the fire is so intense in a burning manner, that after melting any kind of iron, it rids that molten iron of all impurities, so that it becomes one great weapon. What exactly is pranayama according to yogic sciences? What is Suryavedhan Pranayam? Vashishtha Rishi has done deep research in the electricity of prana. Air also has electricity, and this electricity goes from the sun to the sky.

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