Bartholomeus Klip Farmhouse in the Swartland Wine Region

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sun. A multicultural heritage complex binds to a unique natural beauty and varied scenery. 1000 km of coastline lapped by clear blue sea and framed by beautiful islands. Inside the rolling green hills and valleys cultivated with vines.

Nebrodi and Madonie Mountains form the final part of the Apennines protected by two beautiful parks.

The city and the towns where combinations of different architectures create a unique beauty. If you want a holiday in Sicily in touch with nature to know the tastes of traditional cuisine and customs of the peasants surrounded by beautiful scenery, iescort you can choose a house, in this case the best solution if you are in search of authenticity of a territory with an excellent quality of service. The cottages in Sicily are everywhere. You can choose to stay near the coast if you enjoy a wonderful combination of sea and nature or you can choose by the charm of the interior.

A vacation in a house creates a good balance between authenticity of accommodation, comfort and economy in expenditure. Hospitality, relaxation and good food are the watchwords of this type of tourism. These facilities also offer the opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities such as trekking, horse riding, mountain biking and hiking tours. Among ancient olive trees, gardens full of citrus, and green hills covered by vineyards.

Villas of the nobility, Baroque and Liberty have been wisely converted into comfortable and great rural farms ready to accommodate all persons who want to know the hidden beauties of the island. Today the cottages are structures designed “to satisfy the tourist” who work for farmers, with rooms furnished with all facilities, pools, common services, to name a few things.

In preparation for the holiday in Sicily is always advisable to check carefully on the Internet or an agency, as far as possible, there is a reasonable correlation between the filing of the house and reality. Above all, to avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival, a very interesting assessment is the comments from customers who have already been in the place.

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